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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Lights, Camera, Action! and a warm hug...

Last night I watched Colin Firth turn on the lights on Regent's Street. Before, Mr. Firth turned up, the London gospel choir, Daniel Merriweather, and the Noisettes performed. Daniel was beyond amazing! It was freezing, and his voice was incredible, I am a fan. The Noisettes were also great, although I don't know if she was singing or not. The Gospel choir, well it goes without saying, brilliant! The Lord Mayor also made a short appearance, looking sightly uncomfortable. He did, however, mention that he was off to Oslo soon to get the tree that Norway gives to the U.K. and I beamed with pride. I remember when I was little, about seven, and a group of us were selected to play the recorder whilst they sawed the beastly tree down. We played, as beautifully as one can play this hideous instrument, although I managed to mess up at one point, (on live television) and my music teacher then not only pinched me, but called me a "stupid cow". I think I stopped blowing the silly thing then and there, and have never touched one since.

I admit, that today I am a little worse for wear. After such Christmassy festivities, I decided that sharing several bottles of cava with my friends was the right way forward. I don't regret it, my body is a little bit upset with me. Alas, is there anything better than sipping champagne, well cava really, and laughing with friends? No. The problem is, that my friends in the US aren't here. My other friend in Melbourne isn't here. Why can't my closest buddies ALL be here, with me, living just around the corner, just a phone call away? This has been my dilemma for as long as I can remember. Having gone to an International School, has meant my friends are scattered all over the place. Great. I can visit them, but I don't want to. I want them here now. This Blog is dedicated to all my friends all over the world. You have made me a wiser, more aware person. You have taught me tolerance, understanding, and an ingrained understanding of how awful and unacceptable any form of discrimination or racism is. I know that International school kids can feel a sense of solidarity towards one another. It is, perhaps a form of secret understanding of how we have shared with so many children from all over, of every colour, of every religion, I hope we can all spread the love we feel for meeting new people, and learning about new cultures, welcoming everything new as interesting, and beautiful. I send you all a warm hug. A warm kiss. And another warm hug.



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