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Friday, 9 April 2010

A new chapter....

Lately I have been fairly incommunicado. I have been enjoying a glorious time in Mexico City. Now, a new chapter is on the cusp of commencing. I am off to live in Los Angeles, Venice Beach, (to be more specific), with my boyfriend. I am, beyond happy, and more than in love. I remember asking my parents as a child how one knew one had found somebody who one wanted to spend the rest of one's life with. I hated the inevitable "you just do" answer. Now when people ask me in a panic, "but it has only been two months since you started dating! How do YOU KNOW!" I simply shake my head and smile, uttering those frustrating words..." I just do". And so it is that I embark upon a new adventure, a life together with the most wonderful man I have ever met. Yes, yes, I know how corny, you must think, yet being in love, truly in love is a phenomena I had never before truly felt. This new feeling, got me thinking. Does that mean that I had never been in love before? I had thought I had. Had I merely fooled myself all these years? These thoughts have perplexed me for several weeks, and finally I realized that yes, I had been in love before. Of course I have. I have enjoyed the company of the most wonderful boyfriend before, and the support and kindness that this wonderful ex-lover gave me. He not only made me who I am today, but he taught me so much about myself and life itself. Nevertheless, we were not, sadly enough, "meant to be". It wasn't written in the stars, as romantics, as myself, may say. Love, I have come to realize is so much more than finding someone you feel secure with, you need more than a partner who can provide all the basics. I finally comprehend what it means to love someone more than yourself (as my wise Grand ma would say). But, what does this deep infatuation and love mean? Will it last forever? Is there a honeymoon phase that will end? These cynical thoughts I admit do tease my mind, and yet I feel that every step together is different. Sure the initial excitement of being together, every hour, second of the day, may ware off, and a "normal" life may ensue. I feel, however, that thinking like this is rather sad. Awaiting the impending "normality" is rather boring to me. Maybe one can find a partner that is someone one will always be excited about seeing. A partner that you look over at until you die and still get butterflies in your tummy. And why not, I ask you? Why the hell not! Maybe I am far too idealistic, and so blindly in love that la vie est totalement en rose, but you know what? Screw it, I am enjoying every second, and firmly believe that this, doesn't happen to everyone. Therefore, my friends, I know how lucky I am, and honestly count my lucky stars for being as blessed as I am. Everyone always feels that they have to give their heighty opinion on your love affairs. All I can say is let yourself make you own decisions true to yourself. Sometimes with all the advice flying around you forget to listen to yourself, and you know far more than anybody else does! Keep it simple, and true. John Selden said, " Of all the action s of a man's life, his marriage does least concern other people: Yet of all the actions of our life. 'tis the most meddled with by other people". This was written in 1689, so let us assume that marriage encompasses the whole process prior to marriage (or without marriage for that matter). Advice can be welcomed when asked for, but don't let anybody burst your bubble. Enough said. I sure as hell won't.

Until the next time,



  1. Just read this post as saw it pop up on my facebook. Really, really happy for you, Jenny! Good luck in this beautiful and new phase of life.

    All the best!


  2. Thank you my dear! Long time no speak! How are you?
    All my love!