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Friday, 4 December 2009

E-mail nightmare...

Have you ever sent a million applications and become completely brain dead suddenly? Well friends it happened to me. Today. Not for the first time, but it happened. In a Royal manner. I was sending an e-mail to a friend of my cousin in Mexico City who works for one of the largest magazine companies in the country. The email was: j(followed by the surname) and for some reason I assumed that their first name was Julián. Why? I do NOT KNOW! I wrote the email to Julian. I sent it. Then I freaked out, realizing that I am a nincompoop. Why Julián?? WHY! I googled this person and realized that not only is their name NOT Julian, but it is not even a man, it is a woman, by the name of Jazmín. Now Julián could have been a José, and I may have been forgiven, but no no. It had to be Jazmín, quite different from Julián. In a panic I wrote another e-mail, begging forgiveness, and wishing this Jazmín a Merry Christmas. I then even added a smiley face. Oh boy. Did I make it worse? Perhaps. Hopefully Jazmín has a great sense of humour. If it was me, I probably wouldn’t give someone an internship based on the poor research skills I just exhibited. How upsetting! Oh well...what can I do now? Wait and see I suppose. I admit that this has made me laugh whilst bang my head against the wall. I imagine that many people have stories like this, perhaps not quite as silly, perhaps more.

Anyways that is my latest observation on life, that I am a fool, and e-mailing can be lethal.

Nighty night,


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