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Friday, 9 October 2009

A long walk...

It was a beautiful Autumn day. London gleamed under the beaming sun. Breathing in the crisp cool air, I commenced my long walk of the day. Today, my lovely friends, I walked from Trafalgar Square to High Street Kensington. My route was as follows. Trafalgar Square, to St. James Park, to Green park, to Hyde Park, finishing up in Kensington gardens.

The trees are all turning a goldeny gloriously warm colour. I know that I was smiling during my whole walk (probably looking like a lost loon...). I saw so many interesting, and at times, odd things. A big round man, standing by his dog, who had planted him or herself in The Serpentine. The dog had half her body in the water, and her derriere out. Just laying there, with a very "so what?!" French attitude. It was bizarre. The round, or rotund, owner reminded me of Boggis from Fanastic Mr. Fox. As I walked by I recited the song the local children would sing about the three awful farmers [If you have never read Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl, you must.]

"Boggis and Bunce and Bean
One fat, one short, one lean
These horrible crooks
So different in looks
Were none the less equally mean."

I saw little girls skipping rope, a band playing on the band stand in Hyde Park, Spanish tourists arguing about how they had been walking for too long, happy couples walking hand in hand, and miserable couples arguing in irritated whispers... I sat by the Boat house in Hyde Park, and basked in the sun a little while. Little children, newlyweds, families, school children, and an elderly couple went in and out of the boats, enjoying the weather, and laughing. One of the guys who worked at the boat house, jumped in The Serpentine, which shocked passers by. It kind of made me feel a bit sick. He was swimming in a highly concentrated amount of duck, goose, swan, all kinds of bird shit. Not my cup of tea, he enjoyed it though, that's all that counts. Hope he doesn't get sick.

Kensington Gardens reminded me of playing rounders, when I saw a group of young ones playing. I wanted to join, and remembered when i was little and could just march up to other kids playing and ask "can I play?" I fear that if I had done that today, I would have been stared a bad way.

On Kensington High Street I went to TK Max, oh the glorious TK Max. It is a new discovery of mine. I like that one, as there are not that many people, and it is a pleasant experience. Then, onto Whole Foods, the heavenly place. I feel a sense of calm as I step into a shop with so much fresh, organic food. Unfortunately, my wallet gets stressed out, and has a bit of an anxiety attack, so I just look. No touching. And maybe treat myself to an apple, if the wallet permits. Today, however, I had a feast! There was a charming young lady showing us all how to use the amazing blender called vitamix. I am flabbergasted with what a tool this is! And believe me, I don't like tools, blenders, machines...but this. Well this is like the God of blenders! The charming lady made a smoothie (the best I have EVER had) using only a few different fruits, and ice. Delish! And then a soup. Yes a warm soup. The horse power is so high, that the soup gets hot. Amazing! And tastes absolutely divine! Then she made ice cream in 30 seconds.. THIRTY! I counted!! To clean this magical instrument you only put soapy water in it and zap on the spin two secs. Amazing. I am convinced. It is expensive though. Four hundred and fifty pounds....eeeesh. No can do. But one day. Apparently all the fast food chains, smoothie companies, everyone has them, and now people, in their own homes will too.

I am proud to say I even went for a jog on Hampstead Heath today. Action packed! Now I am tired, and going to bed. Good night all, as "que duermen con los angelitos gorditos" [may you sleep with the chubby angels].



p.s. Here is the website for the Vitamix blender, if you are curious, and lucky enough to be able to buy it (invite me over if you do?) :

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