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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Feeling foreign sucks, finding people who are encouraging? May be the antidote.

I know, I know, that sounds so negative. But there are those times when everyone around you is laughing about some local hero, comedian, whatever, and they nudge you assuming you know, peering at you suspiciously, wondering, "why is she not laughing?" - those times make me miss home. Having gone to an International school all my life, home is very undefined. I suppose home is where I am surrounded by foreigners, and we all share the fact that where we are standing, sitting, dancing, eating (etc....) is not our actual home.
This summer I spent two months in Manhattan. One day, I was walking down a street somewhere in the meatpacking district, and I walked aimlessly into a sort of modern, eclectic jewellery shop. I must have sighed heavily, because the two women working in the store, started talking to me, I suppose in an attempt to cheer me up. You know what? It worked. I am telling you, it was so swell. We ended up talking for an hour! We each divulged our life stories, exaggerating the right points, down playing others. We drooled as we each talked about food from our countries...especially Mexican food. Ay yay yay...At the end of our talk I gave them a warm hug each, we wished one another good luck in our lives, shouting "animo", "strength" "pa'delante!" "onwards and upwards" , all sorts of encouraging phrases, and I left on cloud nine, skipping down to the glorious lower east side of beautiful Manhattan.
We didn't exchange details, we just made a little difference in each other's lives. I know this may sound corny, soppy, weepy, silly, blah....but whatever, it was great. I guess it just made me realize that life really is about enjoying the process. The process of good times, anxiety, confusion, worrying, happiness, surprises, sadness....the whole shebang. My good friend once told me his father had always repeated to him "Enjoy the Process". That afternoon really hammered that home for me. So I decided to start a blog - a blog about what? A blog about how I find this life, my life, your life, our lives, can be enjoyed. I am not dictating the best way to live, just telling some anecdotes, maybe some funny stories, some tips on cool things to do in London which is where I am currently residing. Who knows...I will develop this as I go... Until the next time, hasta pronto compadritos, [an endearing Spanish word for my companions]

p.s. Here is a NY picture I took (I tried to upload more, but I come from the stone age and don't get this computer do I upload more and format them?!!)

1 comment:

  1. I agree chenya,
    the thing which annoys me the most is that if I go back to home to my family and they start talking about the recent developments at home, I dont get that either. So right now i am in england and i dont get all the insiders about whichever soap opera or things which happened ages ago, but once I am in germany its exactly the same.
    i guess thats the price you pay for travelling the world :-(
    sounds very negative... ill just ignore the poitive side for the sake of argument :)